If you are registering a new domain (or changing nameservers) it could take up to 72 hours for the domain name to be usable (normally less).
The nameserver settings for the registrar will be:

The server can be setup in a matter of hours once payment is made and all the setup information is confirmed.
Preferred payment is through PayPal (instant processing) see the Terms of Service.

When you are sure you wish to host your site with me, register your domain using the nameservers listed above.
Then choose the package (or custom plan) to get your site on the internet

Hosting Fees for extras
Setup Fee
One time charge to establish your new account / domain
Dedicated IP address for SSL certificate & installation
Private key & csr generation included. -
Annual fee
SSL Certificate
Price varies with certificate type and where purchased.
Late, Suspended and Overage fees
Late or non-payment fee
Account not being paid on time.
10% or $5.00 minimum
Suspended account fee
Suspended accounts are inactive on the server.
Suspended (Spam) Email account re-activation fee $50/$100
Suspended (Spam) Email accounts are subject to a reactivation fee .
$50.00 1st time
$100.00 2nd time
Overage fees (Monthly)
There is a $2.00 processing fee plus:
For Each .1 to 25 Megabytes of Storage ($1/per each)
For Each 1 to 500 Megabytes of Exceeded Bandwidth ($1/per each)
If you are going over, please upgrade, it is cheaper than overages!
$VARIES by overage ($3 min)